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Ohio Judge Addresses Heroin Overdose in State

Ohio Judge Addresses Heroin Overdose in State

Hamilton County, Ohio Judge Robert Ruehlman recently granted a policy request that would allow people to turn in drugs that can result in overdose without repercussions. 


The policy covers anyone who “turns over any substance or combination of substances said person believes may cause the user of said drug to have an overdose” to any law enforcement in the county (Ackerman, 2016). This policy was proposed by County Prosecutor Joe Deters. 


According to Deters and Judge Ruehlman, the policy request was “unprecedented for the county,” but necessary to “address the nearly three hundred overdoses that occurred throughout the Cincinnati area since August 19” (Ackerman, 2016). 


Some of the overdoses in Ohio were caused by carfentanil, a drug used to sedate elephants. Other overdoses were related to tainted batches of heroin that were also seen in New Haven and North Haven, Connecticut. 





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