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Nonprofit Hosts Sober Parties for College Students

Nonprofit Hosts Sober Parties for College Students

The nonprofit organization Party.0 is going on a national tour to college campuses across the US to show that sober partying can be just as fun. 


Party.0 was created by Jake White during his sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin. “I had seen addiction and what it could do to someone through my family members,” said White (Burch, 2016). While White isn’t personally in recovery, his uncle was addicted and recently committed suicide, which prompted White to avoid alcohol. 


Parties hosted by Party.0 could look a lot like average parties, with DJs, dancing, and pizza-related (instead of alcohol-related) games of flip cup and beer pong. “We want students to walk on to campus knowing that drinking isn’t the only option to be social,” White stated (Burch, 2016). 


Two of Party.0’s national stops will be Penn State and the University of Indiana. More information may be found at the organization’s website, www.party0.org.





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