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Cannabis Oil Approved for Epilepsy in Virginia

Cannabis Oil Approved for Epilepsy in Virginia

Legislators in the Virginia House and Senate passed “a bill that will allow production and distribution of cannabis oils in the state,” but only for use by people with unmanageable epilepsy (Kim, 2016). 


The cannabis oils accepted for medicinal use are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), which are both nonpsychoactive compounds. Patients with epilepsy will be able to get written permission from their doctor that proves they need and would benefit from the oil. 


Senator David Marsden is the sponsor of the bill, and stated that “THCA and CBA oils have shown the ability to help alleviate the number and severity of seizures from intractable epilepsy and help so many families live a quality life” (Kim, 2016).  


As of now the bill “seeks to establish a system of production and distribution so patients can have easier access to the oils,” and the Board of Pharmacy will present regulations next year (Kim, 2016). The earliest this law could go into effect is July 1, 2017. 






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