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Campus Treatment Center in Colorado Tackles Technology Addiction

Campus Treatment Center in Colorado Tackles Technology Addiction

The University of Colorado-Boulder’s Collegiate Recovery Center has recently started holding meetings for students suffering from technology addiction. 


The support meetings began last spring with about five to twelve college students in attendance. “The tool itself, the screen, isn’t necessarily the problem. It’s just that the compulsion to find my connection only through the screen takes me out of the human experience,” says Sam Randall, the Collegiate Recovery Center’s program manager (Ackerman, 2016). 


Technology addiction is classified as a process addiction like addictions to sex, food, shopping, and food. According to addiction news website The Fix, 


Recovery from technology addiction often involves an initial period during which the patient completely abstains from using devices. With the help of therapy, designed to understand why this overuse is taking place and to increase comfort with face-to-face interactions, technology is gradually reintroduced into the person’s life (Ackerman, 2016). 










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