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Antipsychotic Drug Abilify May Cause Compulsive Behavior

Antipsychotic Drug Abilify May Cause Compulsive Behavior

Aripiprazole, a drug used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and also known as Abilify, will now have a new warning on all patient information guides and packaging stating that it may cause compulsive behavior in users. 


Recently the FDA found that “some Abilify users have reported impulse control issues with gambling, sex, eating, and shopping” (Ackerman, 2016). Though these reported instances were rare, more cases may have been unreported. Of these specific problems compulsive gambling is the most prevalent, but “it is already listed on the label as a potential side effect” (Ackerman, 2016). 


Abilify has been on the market for thirteen years and has been prescribed to 1.6 million patients. The FDA did find that the compulsive tendencies reported went away days or weeks after stopping the medication. 






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