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UK Website Keeps Track of Alcohol Calorie Intake

UK Website Keeps Track of Alcohol Calorie Intake

The British Drinkaware website now features a “Unit and Calorie Calculator” application that allows users to see how many calories they are consuming when they drink alcohol. 


The Unit and Calorie Counter requires users to enter how many drinks they’ve had and what kind of alcohol from the following choices: beer (pint or bottle), cider, wine, champagne, hard alcohol, and wine coolers (Lavitt, 2015). In addition, users can specify which brand they are drinking, which allows the app to provide more precise numbers. The app then calculates the caloric intake of the alcohol, translates it into the caloric intake of hamburgers, and tells users how long they would have to run to burn those calories. This kind of information makes more of an impact on users because they can see the caloric intake of alcohol compared to an unhealthy food (Miller, 2015). 


Furthermore, the Unit and Calorie Counter also tells users if their “drinking habits are putting them at risk for developing an alcohol-related illness” (Lavitt, 2015). 


The Drinkaware Calorie Counter app will eventually have the ability to calculate mixed drinks as well. 




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