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Meth Labs Increase in Maine

Meth Labs Increase in Maine

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency (MDEA) has reported shutting down twenty-eight meth labs in 2014, which is twelve more than in 2013 (Gaita, 2015). According to The Fix, “this number does not include the number of ‘dump sites,’ where chemicals and other materials used to make meth are disposed” (Gaita, 2015). 


Over $10,000 is required for the MDEA to dismantle each lab they find, which does not include expenses of the local police and firefighters called to the scene. Officials from the MDEA believe that the increase in meth labs is due to better training for local law enforcement, rather than expanded trafficking. 


The MDEA should be receiving a $900,000 federal grant to hire four new drug agents and buy specialized equipment (Gaita, 2015). 





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