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Study: Marijuana Could Reduce Withdrawal from Opiates

Study: Marijuana Could Reduce Withdrawal from Opiates

Researchers at Columbia University recently discovered that marijuana may reduce some of the withdrawal symptoms linked to opiate addiction. 


The study examined sixty participants who were detoxing from opioids and gave half the group a 30 gram dose of dronabinol, “a form of THC that contains cannabinoids,” and the rest of the group was given a placebo (Ackerman, 2015). The group who took the dronabinol reported “significantly reduced withdrawal symptoms” compared to the placebo group (Ackerman, 2015). In addition, after leaving the study participants who smoked marijuana noted less insomnia and anxiety than participants who didn’t smoke the drug. 


Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center published a study in August of 2014 that found “states with legalized medical pot had 1,700 fewer deaths per year on average from prescription drugs,” though this doesn’t sway medical marijuana skeptics (Ackerman, 2015). 




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