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Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bills to Regulate Medical Marijuana

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bills to Regulate Medical Marijuana

Last month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed several bills that could regulate the medical marijuana industry in his state. 


The bills addressed several issues, including “conflict between law enforcement and the pot industry . . . creating a path for licensing, opening a Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation, and implementing a fee schedule to fund the Bureau’s work” (Blakinger, 2015). In addition, one of the new regulations would allow marijuana to be classified as an “agricultural product,” which means it would be governed by specific insecticide and water use rules as other agricultural products. These initiatives would not be fully in effect until 2018. 


According to Governor Brown, “This new structure will make sure patients have access to medical marijuana, while ensuring a robust tracking system. This sends a clear and certain signal to our federal counterparts that California is implementing robust controls not only on paper, but in practice” (Blakinger, 2015). 




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