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Connecticut Home-Based Recovery Program Yields Positive Results

Connecticut Home-Based Recovery Program Yields Positive Results

A home-based recovery program by Aware Recovery Care in Madison, Connecticut, showed positive outcomes with its first round of patients. 


The program consists of a visiting nurse who comes to the patient’s home “two or more times a week for the first fourth months,” (Gaita, 2014). A psychiatrist and therapist are also assigned to the patients, and sometimes patients are required to attend Twelve Step meetings. In addition, the program asks that its patients “voluntarily download a GPS app for their phone” (Gaita, 2014). 


Four out of the first five patients in the program have maintained sobriety for over a year. Despite the limited scale of these results, Dr. Ellen Edens of the Yale School of Medicine stated, “when you think about addiction as a relapsing remedying disease, to see that patients could put together up to twelve months of sobriety is really promising” (Gaita, 2014). 


The one-year Aware Recovery Care program costs $37,500, which is equivalent to a twenty-eight-day program in many other inpatient treatment centers. 




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