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ONDCP Releases Government Blueprint for Drug Policy

ONDCP Releases Government Blueprint for Drug Policy

Last month, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) released the Obama Administration’s 2014 National Drug Control Strategy, the new proposal for United States drug policy. 


According to the ONDCP, the Strategy outlines “actions that will continue to expand health interventions and ‘smart on crime’ alternatives proven to reduce drug use and its consequences” (2014). Additionally, the Strategy highlights a series of actions that are already underway to reduce the opioid abuse epidemic. 


The Strategy is a science-based directive that instructs Federal agencies on expanding community based efforts to prevent drug use, empowers health care workers to intervene early, expands access to treatment, and implements reform in the criminal justice system (ONDCP, 2014).  
President Obama has requested a budget of $25.5 billion for the 2015’s fiscal year to support the Strategy’s proposed initiatives. 


To read more the Strategy, click here



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