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Ask the LifeQuake Doctor – Jun 2017

Ask the LifeQuake Doctor – Jun 2017

Dear Dr. Galardi,


I am a therapist who has been working at a treatment facility for about a year, although I’ve been in the treatment field for many years. I am in my mid-sixties and want to retire, but I can’t for economic reasons. I come home at night absolutely drained and depressed. I’m not eating very healthy because I am always on the run.


I haven’t been in a relationship in many years either and I live alone. I spend a lot of time alone and would like to get involved with someone and have a bigger social life. I feel stuck and I don’t know what to do about it. I have tried seeing a therapist and I felt it was useless. I’m reaching out to you as a last ditch effort to get out of this rut I’m in.


Help, Dr. Toni!


– Recovery Shrink



Dear Reader,


Okay, as my approach is always body, mind, and spirit, let’s start with your body. One way of getting more social is to find an activity you love to do that gets your body moving, like dancing.  There are lots of older men who take dance classes after they retire. The key is to take some kind of action. If you don’t like dancing, look at the list of meet-ups in your area and see if there is something that interests you.


Secondly, I would start preparing an organic, high-protein salad at night before bed so you have something to eat during the day that is instantly available. I would also suggest researching green drinks that are full of chlorophyll and minerals to energize you during the day. Drink it in the morning and then at mid-afternoon when you have a drop in energy.


When you get home at night, take a shower and cleanse your body of the day and while you are in the shower, set an intention for releasing anyone or anything that has attached itself to your etheric body. We take on our clients’ energies without knowing it and they act like parasites if we don’t release them from our energy fields.
On this subject, I would also suggest that before each client, you surround your self in light and hold as an intention that only love comes into your energy field and only love goes out of it. After each client leaves, simply say, “I release you from my field back to yourself, now.” 


If you still are feeling discontent about your job, write down the last five jobs you’ve had and what you loved about them. Really get into the feeling of it when you describe the work you did. Then take the elements of what you love to do and put an intention out to the world every night before bed to create a job that has the elements of what you’ve done in one position that you would love to do that would not drain you.


For example, if your current job involves a lot of paperwork documentation and you hate that, put in your vision that this job requires very little of it or none of it. If what you really want is to stop working and retire with a mate, envision that happening. Just make it as emotionally joyous as possible.


The key is to bring into your life as many joyous experiences as possible to either enhance what you are already doing or to manifest something new.






Dear Dr. Toni,


Can you recommend something I can do for work that uses my education and training as a therapist that doesn’t require counseling? I’m in burnout. I’ve been working in the addiction field for too long and need a change.


– Jan M.



Dear Jan,


You don’t mention what other qualifications you have, so I don’t have much to go on, but here are a few: college professor, organizational consultant, matchmaker for a dating service, self-help book author, workshop leader, professional speaker, and sometimes they hire people with your credentials in human resources at various companies. 
If you are entrepreneurial, then a coaching practice might be less heavy than working with addicts in the throes of detox. If you were to take a coaching program that includes teaching you how to market yourself, this is another option. If you could get sponsors to support it, another option is radio or Internet talk show host. By the way, I’ve done most of these things with the same education and license. Be adventurous!