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OMG! How Children See God by Monica Parker

OMG! How Children See God by Monica Parker

When Monica Parker’s son Remy was born, her and her husband wanted to make sure that he grew up with a notion of “spirituality and godliness,” even though they came from different religious backgrounds. When Remy was older, they began having conversations about God, which prompted Parker to ask other children how they felt about and saw God. The result is OMG! How Children See God, a poignant and original look at how children think of a higher power, and how they remain full of hope.


OMG! features sections dealing with questions such as, “Who is God?” “Does God sleep?” “What do you wish God could do?” “What is God’s job?” “Why do we need God?” and even “What does God wear?” The answers—coming from children aged three to twelve—are sure to bring smiles and laughter to readers of all faiths and walks of life. 


God is,   


  • “A man or woman, but tall.” – Makayla, age eleven
  • “Grandma.” – Piper, age five
  • “Like a king, only better.” – Alex, age seven
  • “A really, really famous spirit.” – Leo, age five




God’s job is,   


  • “To always be awake.” – Abby, age four
  • “To find us if we get lost.” – Max, age eight
  • “To do magical things, like speak to animals.” – Jacob, age eight
  • “To give us love, and then we give it to each other.” – Liam, age five, and Annabel, age eight




God wears,   


  • “A smile on his face, unless someone sins, then he frowns.” – Kyla, age twelve
  • “A rainbow robe and sunglasses.” – Jordan, age five
  • “A silk toga with jewels and matching shoes, and a golden pendant for good luck, but not for him, for the world.” – Olivia, age eleven
  • “Do you know those white things that people who are traveling on camels in the desert wear?” James, age eight




OMG! teaches readers that hope still abounds in today’s children and that the importance of a higher power can be recognized at any age, through any faith. 



“As soon as a child can talk, many parents begin to consider “the God thing” and how best to open the door to religious teachings or just to have that conversation. OMG! will, hopefully, help to bring about an understanding that not all faiths view God in the same light, but that doesn’t mean that any one faith is wrong—just different.” – Monica Parker




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