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Feeling Great: Living with Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Contentment

Feeling Great: Living with Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Contentment

Have you ever wondered how some people overcome incredible obstacles and find peace? What about why some people are devastated for life while others press on and find joy? Ever wonder if the adage “Money can’t buy you love” is true? Spiritual leader and teacher Dadi Janki partners with entrepreneur and publisher Peter Vegso to answer these questions and more in Feeling Great: Living with Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Contentment


Feeling Great gives readers the keys to feeling great and explains where to start. According to Janki and Vegso, feeling great begins with the simple elements of harmony, honesty, freedom, friendship, and peace. 


  • Harmony involves achieving balance in one’s life by finding emotional stability, engaging in introspection, and avoiding overthinking. 
  • Honesty touches upon such issues as changing ordinary habits, being honest in one’s relationships, and developing a humble spirit and a giving heart, among other things. J
  • Freedom comes from owning up to one’s actions, releasing negativity, and uncluttering the mind. 
  • Friendship involves helping others and self-respect.
  • Peace includes being free from tension and living practically. 



Other keys to feeling great include living with enthusiasm, which “acts like a double energy boost, keeping the Self strong and beyond the pull of negativity,” according to the authors. Optimism is also an important factor—Janki and Vegso write, “Optimists hold on to hope . . . they don’t ignore the reality and consequences of problems, but they also don’t despair or lose themselves in the chaos.”


Janki and Vegso also examine the reasons why we stop feeling great and what can be done about it. Things like forgetfulness, illusion, balancing spiritual goals with worldly responsibilities, disconnection, and busyness are all reasons that feeling great can be waylaid. 


Through “Practical Living” segments after each chapter in the book, readers will learn to apply the principles of feeling great to their own lives and perform the exercises and meditations that Janki and Vegso provide. Each “Practical Living” section asks questions and engages the readers in developing their own happiness. Throughout the book there are stories and quotes to inspire and encourage readers to set out on the journey to feeling great not just once in a while, but for a lifetime. 




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