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Finding Freedom Through Illumination: Achieving Christ-Consciousness

Finding Freedom Through Illumination: Achieving Christ-Consciousness

“Christ-consciousness” may be a new term for some, but it has been known by many names: enlightenment, satori, kensho, samadi, moksha. It is intrinsic; it is the awareness of the spiritual consciousness that resides within each of us. It releases a person from material concerns, from fear and doubt, and from fear of death. Author Cardwell C. Nuckols, PhD, first approached the idea of Christ-consciousness in his previous book, The Ego-Less SELF, and now returns with Finding Freedom Through Illumination to teach readers how to achieve it. 


Finding Freedom is separated into three sections that lead to the ultimate goal: realization and “illumination” of Christ-consciousness. These sections—“Reality,” “Preparation,” and “Realization and Illumination”—focus on elements that help readers understand and realize their own Christ-consciousness. “Reality” discusses living in the moment, different worldviews, and the importance of truth, while “Preparation” concentrates on change, meditation, and the benefits of silence and solitude.  


Dr. Nuckols stresses the importance of realizing that Christ-consciousness is not something that can be achieved, because everyone already has it. He writes, “The only difference between all of us is the level of realization of the existence of Christ-consciousness.” Finding Freedom emphasizes this concept not by explaining how this realization can be found, but by guiding readers through tools and methods they can use to explore their spirituality and inner-selves. 


While the book has a significant leaning towards Christian ideology, Dr. Nuckols also weaves in elements of and comparisons to different schools of thought and spiritual traditions, such as Taoism, Buddhism, Native American traditions, and Hinduism. The primary focus of the book is on the beatitudes, as Dr. Nuckols uses the biblical Sermon on the Mount as a starting point, or “map,” for achieving Christ-consciousness. He takes readers through each beatitude and advises that they should listen to their thoughts as they read, meditate on or contemplate them; reform thoughts into Christ-consciousness statements; and utilize contemplation and meditation to deepen and personalize the lessons. In this way, writes Nuckols, “the meaning will flower, and the more you work with these blessings, the more you become them.” 


In this deeply spiritual book, Dr. Nuckols explores the nature and function of the innate spirituality in all of us, and provides readers with the tools and knowledge to achieve peace and tranquility in every day and every moment. 


“We can stay within the limited confines of our conditioning and live lives of quiet desperation. However, there is another choice. We do not live in time or space but in spiritual consciousness. We can expand our consciousness—there is no boundary as it is limitless.” – Cardwell C. Nuckols



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