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The 2015 CCAPP 2nd Annual Conference

The 2015 CCAPP 2nd Annual Conference

It’s hard to believe, but conference time is quickly approaching. It is amazing to consider the long list of accomplishments that have been made by this organization since CAARR and CAADAC have consolidated to form CCAPP less than one year ago. Come and celebrate our success at this year’s conference at the Burbank Marriott, from October 1–4, 2015.


The terrific staff and management at CCAPP have created a fresh approach to substance use disorder (SUD) conferences that we think you will find extraordinary. We recognize that SUD staff have multiple needs for training, motivation, and inspiration. Why not recognize these needs all in one conference? Let us help you use your time and funds to attend SUD conferences in a better way. Instead of sending some of your staff to a conference for marketing and admission, sending other staff members to a conference for administration and compliance, and sending yet another group for clinical staff training, our new concept, “the whole treatment conference,” allows everyone to attend the same conference while benefitting from specialized workshops and seminars unique to each  need. CCAPP’s 2015 expanded conference offerings include tracks for:


  • Marketing and administration: Finding successful strategies for marketing and admissions in today’s crowded SUD market space.
  • Sober living: Keys to navigating sober living regulation, management, and innovation. 
  • Executives and administrators: Created for executives, administrators, and future leaders in addiction treatment organizations, the executive/administrator track offers an array of intense business and clinical-care topics in the business of treatment and substance use disorders.
  • Clinical supervision: Sharpening clinical supervision skills is the key to success in a coordinated treatment system. This track updates professionals providing clinical supervision and gives them interesting insights on cultural competencies and special populations.
  • Clinicians: Co-occurring disorders, aftercare, intervention, relapse prevention, enhancing motivation for change, intake and assessment, and approaches specific to cultural needs of the patient are just some examples of intended workshops.
  • Intervention and referral: Disease model and recovery processes, information and referral, and detoxification and other treatment modalities will be covered in depth.


I am confident that the 2015 conference will set the tone for conferences for years to come. The “whole treatment conference” concept addresses the need for knowledge and skill development through advanced training on key areas including the following:


  • Cultural diversity
  • Criminal justice and DUI issues
  • Ethics
  • SUD prevention
  • Personal and professional wellness
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Changes in funding and billing
  • Implementation of the Affordable Care Act
  • Changes to regulation and law concerning programs and professionals


The CCAPP 2015 conference offers a unique opportunity for professional development, information exchange, and networking. As always, CCAPP’s networking opportunities are the best in the state due to our mixers and packed exhibit halls. In addition, the lineup for keynotes and presenters is phenomenal. 


I am greatly looking forward to seeing everyone there.