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One Foot in Front of the Other: Daily Affirmations for Recovery

One Foot in Front of the Other: Daily Affirmations for Recovery


From the prolific, engaging, and award-winning author Tian Dayton, PhD, comes her newest book titled One Foot in Front of the Other: Daily Affirmations for Recovery. This, her sixteenth book and second book of affirmations, is a healing and inspiring book written specifically for those in recovery. It serves as a message of hope and a reminder that they are not alone on their journey. 

One Foot in Front of the Other is a powerful little book that presents readers with a full year of affirmations, touching upon the specific struggles and obstacles that people in recovery face every day. As Dr. Dayton states, “Life is a challenge for even the strongest among us; we all need tools for living.” Everyone faces anxieties, fears, and doubt in life, but those experiences are significantly magnified by the problem of addiction in oneself, a family member, or a friend. Dr. Dayton’s new book provides readers with the confidence, the determination, and the strength to face each day. 



A Six Month Sneak Peak!  
January      Focuses on such issues as emotional sobriety, keeping things simple, and feeling worthy
March Addresses the fear of change, having faith, and being powerless vs. helpless
May Focuses on triggered memories, saying thank you, and optimism
August Touches upon issues such as negative thinking, being authentic, and letting go
October Addresses kindness, resentment, and knowing oneself 
December Focuses on issues like realistic expectations, love, and self-care



One Foot in Front of the Other features moving quotes from a number of prominent figures such as Confucius, Margaret Mead, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Paul Coelho, Stephen Hawking, Maya Angelou, and Thich Nhat Hanh, among others. Additionally, each month is accompanied by a specific lesson from Sanskrit prayers, Islamic fables, and short passages from noted authors Kahlil Gibran, Kaye Cunningham, Mary Stevenson, and Erma Bombeck. Dr. Dayton’s extensive experience with addiction and trauma issues is evident in the expertly-written and thought-provoking passages that she selects and writes. She infuses her writing with the latest research and wisdom garnered through her thirty-five years of experience in the addictions and trauma treatment fields—One Foot in Front of the Other truly stands out from other books of affirmations.  

Affirmations—intentional thoughts and emotions—are a useful tool to help guide readers towards a meaningful and mindful life. By living one day at a time and going forward with one foot in front of the other, readers can live fully in the present and enjoy the many gifts life has to offer. This book is an excellent tool for counselors and treatment professionals that can be used to facilitate the Twelve Step mantra of “one day at a time.” Dr. Dayton herself states that “the tools of living that we learn in recovery and Twelve Step rooms, along with the positive attitudes for living one day at a time, provide us with a foundation for living that strengthens each and every day.” 

These inspired readings provide user-friendly and straightforward wisdom straight from an expert source, which makes One Foot in Front of the Other an excellent staple of recovery-oriented self-care.   


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