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Changing the Environment of California Addiction Treatment, Programs, and Professionals

Changing the Environment of California Addiction Treatment, Programs, and Professionals

Whether you call addiction treatment professionals “change agents” or “agents of change,” one thing is for sure, the goal is to help people make changes in their lives that lead to improvements in quality of life. This year is a historic year for California as two of the largest, pioneering organizations in our history will transform their individual organizations into one consolidated entity: the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). The consolidation has far-reaching implications for the environment substance use disorders treatment professionals provide services in, and brings with it yet to be discovered opportunities for treatment and recovery programs and education providers that operate in the state. CCAPP, representing more than 50 percent of AODA professionals in the state will be the only organization to offer the updated IC&RC credentials to all counselors


What Does the Change Look Like?


The California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR) and the California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC) are joining together to consolidate into one fully inclusive organization, the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). Combined, CCAPP will serve approximately ten thousand addiction-focused treatment professionals and about five hundred recovery and treatment programs in California. All CAARR and CAADAC counselors and registrants will be conferred with new IC&RC credentials, without needing to apply, shortly after the consolidation is confirmed by the California Secretary of State and CAADAC and CAARR facilities will begin displaying their CCAPP membership certificates as well. 


The consolidation goes beyond the coming together of two historically strong organizations; it represents a new future for the profession with some highly visible changes in the way the SUD business is conducted in California. Those whom CCAPP serves will be pleasantly surprised by the streamlined effect that the consolidation is making in certification functions, professional profiles, recovery home affiliations, sober living environments, educational programs, specialty credentialing, and access to member benefits.  


The mission of CCAPP is to “promote excellence in the delivery of services focused on substance use and its associated problems by providing the highest level of advocacy, competency, and ethics among programs and professionals. The main focus will be on membership, advocacy, and governance.” The other two organizations under the auspice of CCAPP have their own individual missions as well. The CCAPP Education Institute mission is to provide education and technical assistance regarding addiction, treatment, recovery, and associated problems. The CCAPP Credentialing’s mission is to license and certify qualified addiction-focused professionals towards attaining the highest professional standards. The organizational structure demonstrates that CCAPP will be the foremost, single organization to serve addiction treatment professionals and programs in California.


How Does the CAADAC/CAARR Consolidation Impact Me?


Whether a counselor is CAADAC/CAARR certified or holds a registration or certificate from another organization, the news is good. CAADAC and CAARR counselors and registrants will be matriculated over to the new career ladder in a single, easy to understand process. Each will receive a notification about the new credential and a welcome package when the consolidation is complete. Those without a CAADAC or CAARR credential are also welcome. They will also become members of the largest voice in California. Any currently or previously certified or registered professional interested in receiving information about the “transfer in” period just needs to e-mail CCAPP at [email protected] Advisories on when to transfer, requirements for documentation for transfers and important deadlines will be e-mailed as the dates approach. 


CCAPP is also a membership organization with a strong record of representing programs. Any program members interested in receiving information about becoming a part of this historic change in California’s treatment landscape can e-mail [email protected] to receive important advisories about the transition and special events for facilities and programs.


The Inaugural CCAPP Conference!


CAARR and CAADAC traditionally hold separate conferences. To celebrate the consolidation and the historic unification of the profession in California, there will be one incredible conference in San Diego on October 30 through November 2, at the Mission Bay Hyatt. CCAPP invites all addiction professionals to come and share the excitement and be in the inaugural photo of CCAPP. It truly will be a celebration of the work that programs and professionals do in California, the contributions they have all made to this point, as well as a look into the bright future CCAPP has planned for all. 


This conference will be a one stop shop for the addiction professional. With individual professional training and workshop tracks for executive directors/administrators, clinical supervisors, and a sober living manager track, there are options for anyone who works in the treatment profession. Counselors, interventionists, medication assisted treatment specialists, criminal justice professionals, prevention professionals, co-occurring disorder professionals, and women’s treatment specialists will each find offerings to gain specialty education and network with others. There are also opportunities in education on cultural competency, ethics, motivational interviewing, neuroscience, the Affordable Care Act, and many more. To prepare for the implementation of an SUD license possibility in California, workshops to help individuals who inspire to have or currently have a full-time or part-time addiction counseling private practices will be provided.


The CCAPP Conference is located at one of the most popular destinations in California with many local attractions located right next to the hotel. Discover exciting things to do in San Diego. Whether it is relaxing on a deck chair and watching the boats in the marina, going sport fishing, taking a water taxi over to SeaWorld San Diego or hanging out in the Blue Marble spa, everyone can multitask on this trip and obtain some “burnout prevention” hours as well. The hotel has given our conference attendees affordable room rates starting at $119 per night, including complementary internet access. You can make room reservations by calling the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Reservation Office at 1-619-224-1234. Please let them know you are attending the 2014 Annual CCAPP Conference. 


There will be a Halloween costume dance on Halloween night. This is a chance to go out and get all dressed up as a superhero, horror movie character or your alter ego. There will be an ice cream social/networking event scheduled for one of the evenings. To encourage all to attend the inaugural conference, registration will be only $250 for CCAPP members for all four days. Smaller packages, including a one-day option, are also available. 


With more than sixty different exhibitors from all over the country signed up for the CCAPP tradeshow, this is also a great opportunity to check out some of the latest and greatest items and tools to improve your program, services or individuals skills. 


The conference is open to all addiction treatment counselors, social workers, therapists, physicians, nurses, and interventionists, as well as addiction treatment providers, behavioral health organizations, and mental health providers. There will be continuing education units/hours approved by the BBS, BRN, CAADE, Breining, CADTP and CCAPP. 


The conference will be a momentous occasion; great things are on our horizon. Come join us this year, so you can say you were at the first-ever CCAPP conference. We look forward to seeing you all in San Diego!