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Stuff Your Face, Face Your Stuff by Dorothy Breininger

Stuff Your Face, Face Your Stuff by Dorothy Breininger


Stuff Your Face, Face Your Stuff is an eye-opening account of the dangers of food addiction and the link it can have to anxiety, depression and fear. Author Dorothy “The Organizer” Breininger tells the compelling tale of her struggles with food addiction, which have plagued her since her childhood. Stuff Your Face helps readers learn to face issues such as food addiction, hoarding, emotional resistance, feeling overwhelmed and not getting enough sleep. Breininger writes that all of these issues have a common denominator: avoiding the real problems in one’s life. Stuff Your Face, Face Your Stuff is an exceptionally informational book that can show readers how to organize their lives, tackle their obstacles head-on and reinvent themselves as better, happier and healthier human beings.

After learning about Breininger’s life story in chapter one, readers will find that each chapter of Stuff Your Face is dedicated to a single issue. Breininger incorporates personal stories, stories of people she has helped on the television show Hoarders and tips for readers on how to actively change their habits and learn to face the issues they have been avoiding. Additionally, the end of each chapter features checklists, tips, questions and situational examples to motivate readers to begin making a change in their lives.  

Sharing her own story of adventures and eye-opening moments, Breininger asks her readers to infuse life with laughter and fun as well as to strive to achieve the dreams of a lifetime. She invites readers into the lives of “Dumpster-Diving Dan” and Denise, the woman with the “Pink Passion” who hoards costume jewelry and dresses in her home. Breininger provides real-life examples to show that addiction can happen to anyone. 

9780757317378Breininger’s approach to losing weight and beating addictions such as eating or hoarding comes down to basic principles that, at first glance, seem unrelated to weight loss. Being compassionate to yourself and others, putting yourself first and making a list of activities you have always wanted to do are a part of the steps that Stuff Your Face lists to help readers begin to slim down. Breininger also provides a weekly checklist so that readers are able to stay on track and stay motivated. Additionally, part of the plan that Stuff Your Face advocates involves organizing one’s life. Organizing everything from the food in the fridge to personal relationships and living spaces can “unclutter” one’s life and allow for positivity, determination and a healthier lifestyle. 

Breininger uses her vast knowledge about the issues of food addiction, weight gain and clutter to give readers a myriad of sources to draw from to make a real change in their lives. From doctors and exercise coaches to nutritionists and of course, “The Organizer” Dorothy Breininger herself, the information in Stuff Your Face can help anyone and everyone “face their stuff” and live a better life. 

Reviewed by Leah Honarbakhsh  

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