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Useful Verbs for Writing Measurable Objectives


Knowledge: “I will . . .”

list record underline
state define arrange
name relate describe
tell reproduce memorize
recall repeat recognize
label select


Comprehension: “I will . . .”

explain describe report
translate express summarize
identify classify reiterate
restate locate compare
discuss review illustrate
tell critique estimate
reference interpret


Application: “I will . . .”

apply sketch perform
use solve respond
practice construct role-play
demonstrate conduct execute
complete dramatize employ


Analysis: “I will . . .”

analyze inspect test
distinguish categorize critique
differentiate catalogue diagnose
appraise quantify extrapolate
calculate measure theorize
experiment relate debate


Synthesis: “I will . . .” 

develop revise compose
plan formulate collect
build propose construct
create establish prepare
design integrate devise
organize modify manage


Evaluation: “I will . . .”

review appraise choose
justify argue conclude
assess rate compare
defend score evaluate
report on select interpret
investigate measure support

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Gerald Shulman, MA, MAC, FACATA, is a clinical psychologist and fellow of the American College of Addiction Treatment Administrators. He has been providing treatment or clinically or administratively supervising the delivery of care to alcoholics and drug addicts since 1962.