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Announcing the new Counselor Connection Newsletter

Counselor magazine’s digital newsletter, Counselor Connection, will feature a brand new layout, new content, and a new schedule starting fall of 2014!


The new version of Counselor Connection will be sent out biweekly instead of bimonthly, in order to provide subscribers with even more up-to-date information, feature articles, and book reviews. 


The new Counselor Connection will feature all new columns . . .



. . . as well as new sections that will benefit all addiction and behavioral health professionals.


  • “Announcements,” which will feature relevant happenings in the addiction and behavioral health field
  • “Resources for the Counselor,” which will provide reviews and information about documentaries, books, training manuals, movies, and other important media 
  • “The Conference Report,” which will provide information on upcoming and past conferences
  • “Recovery Voices,” where readers can share their own stories of addiction and recovery


Also, watch for the return of “Point/Counterpoint” . . . 


Counselor Connection will be bringing back the “Point/Counterpoint” special column, which serves as a debate on relevant and important topics in the addiction and behavioral health field today. Experts will go head to head, presenting their own arguments for each side of the issue. 


 . . . featuring topics such as 


  • Marijuana legalization
  • E-cigarettes
  • The disease model of addiction


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