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Book Review of Soul Models: Transformative Stories of Courage and Compassion That Will Change Your Life

Soul Models implores its readers to understand and accept a simple premise: “When you know you’ve helped someone, you feel valued and connected. You understand that even the smallest actions have great meaning.” Authors Bryan and Daffron compiled the stories in this inspirational collection with the hope that readers will be encouraged to commit acts of kindness and compassion in their own lives. 


Each chapter contains a quick analysis of the “Soul Model” being introduced; the categories of “Challenge,” “Change,” and “Soulution” briefly mention the difficult situation the person encountered, how they dealt with it and made a difference, and a snippet of advice they discovered as a result. Following this quick information is a story that will motivate and foment the reader’s willingness to truly make a difference in the world, or in someone else’s life.


In this book, readers will learn about loss through stories like Dina’s, about losing her mother after a twenty-year battle with breast cancer. They will realize the importance of strength of character from Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, who suffered from learning disabilities as a child. They will see the essence of bravery in Deanne Breedlove’s story about her son who had heart disease. They will experience the trail-blazing spirit of Christy Turlington Burns, who created a documentary on preventable maternal mortality rates after suffering through her own post-delivery complications. Soul Models touches upon a myriad of subjects, from LGBT issues to MADD, from forgiveness to hope.  


The contributors to Soul Models have founded nonprofit organizations, paved the way for legislation that would change the lives of many, written best-selling books, advocated for an important cause or just helped someone in need. Readers can’t help but be inspired when they learn of all the things these Soul Models have accomplished and continue to accomplish.        


“Soul Models are individuals who touch the hearts, minds and souls of everyone they meet. They are the role models of today, whose journeys showcase the power we each have to discover purpose in challenge, and use what we find to better the world. Everyone can be a Soul Model—including you.” – Soul Models


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