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Ask the Experts— the Naloxone debate


A reader posed an interesting question and we asked Dr. Mel Pohl to give us an update on the issue…..

The take-home Naloxone solution seems like a helpful and necessary product to provide to families and friends of addicts in danger of overdosing. I have seen the statistics and research that attest to Naloxone’s effectiveness and the benefit it has for our communities. Why, then, is the debate about it being more readily available still going on? Are critics of Naloxone grasping at straws or do they have some legitimate arguments? From the research I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem as if the facts can be argued with.
From Dr. Pohl

Naloxone is categorized as an opioid antagonist that has been shown to improve the  quality of life of many opioid abusers. The use of naloxone is typically restricted to individuals who are in serious need of the medication precautions and considerations that must be taken into account during its administration.  For example, the administration of naloxone may precipitate acute withdrawal or unmask pain in those who regularly take opioids so close monitoring for the symptoms of acute withdrawal in opioid-dependent patients must be performed on a routine basis.—